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M&H Levantine Single Malt Gin | 700ML


Gin: M&H Levantine Single Malt | 700ML

Our gin starts the same as our single malt series – 100% pure malted barley that’s mashed in-house and distilled in our pot still.

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Proof: 92 (46% ABV)

Origin: Israel

Distillery: The Milk & Honey Distillery


Detailed Description

Then we add a heap of Juniper and botanicals, hand-sourced from Tel Aviv’s Levinsky market: origanum syriacum, lemon peel, orange, chamomile, verbena, cinnamon, and black pepper. We then let the botanicals rest in the still for 48 hours and then distill for the third time in our 250L pot still, for extra smoothness.

M&H Levantine Single Malt Gin | 700ML Tasting Notes

Nose: Delicate notes of juniper berries, lemon and origanum syriacum.

Palate: Delicate botanical tastes, with juniper and lemon being the dominant notes.

Finish: Medium-bodied, a little oily. Long, lemony finish.

Distillery Information

They’re an urban distillery. Located in one of Tel Aviv’s up and coming neighborhoods, M&H is a part of the city’s fabric, among entrepreneurs and innovators, makers and artisans. They built the distillery to be in our hometown, along with the beachfront, the lively markets and the architecture. From the beginning they’ve been aiming for the best. They tested ingredients, experimented with the recipes and traveled the world to select the most suitable casks. They hired the late Dr. Jim Swan, one of the world’s most accomplished master distillers and an expert in hot climate distillation and maturation, as an advisor. Compromise is never an option. They pursue perfection in every aspect, from their custom-made traditional copper pot stills to quality control throughout the process.

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