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Jezabel Craft Gin | 700ML


Gin: Jezabel Craft | 700ML

Micro-distilled in bristol, truly craft and made in small batches, it’s a gin that will please even the most discerning palette. Jezabel contains ten key botanicals, one of which has undergone a process that we are unable to reveal, hence its ‘secret recipe’ statement on the back of the bottle.

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Size: 700ML

Proof: 80 (40% ABV)

Origin: United Kingdom

Distillery: Peculiar Gin Co.

Detailed Description

This is a small batch gin from the Peculiar Gin Company, containing ten botanicals. Count ’em: juniper, angelica, coriander seed, orris root, grapefruit peel, lime peel, buchu leaf, plantain leaf, rowan berries and cubeb. One of these botanicals (they won’t tell us which one) has been through a ‘secret process’ (which they won’t tell us about either). Secretive! Maybe it involves throwing the juniper out of a window in memory of the gin’s biblical namesake Jezabel – who was defenestrated for encouraging the worship of pagan gods.

Jezabel Craft Gin | 700ML Tasting Notes

Nose: Nose is complex yet not overwhelming.

Palate: A splendid taste with a warm feel to it. Not to smoky but silky smooth.

Finish: Lingering finish.


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