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Hardy Cuvee Benedicte Grande Champagne Cognac


Cognac: Hardy Cuvee Benedicte Grande Champagne

A Grande Champagne cognac that was born before the First World War. Bottled in 1983 by Jacques Hardy, it is kept in a leather casket and a prestigious crystal carafe designed by Marie-Claude Lalique. This limited edition cognac, of which only 333 were produced, bears the signature of Bénédicte Hardy.

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Size: 750ML

Proof: 80 (40% ABV)

Origin: France

Distillery: Maison Hardy

Detailed Description

The Hardy Lalique Cuvée Bénédicte Grande Champagne is something truly special. It’s a Grande Champagne Cognac that was harvested before the First World War. The eaux-de-vie has spent all those years quietly aging in oak barrels until just the right moment. This was in 1983, when it was bottled by Jacques Hardy. But is wasn’t any old bottle – oh no. This was a leather casket and a unique crystal carafe, designed by Marie-Claude Lalique. Only 333 were produced, each signed by Bénédicte Hardy and are, naturally, a true collectors item. Of course, the Cognac within the carafe is just as much of a masterpiece. Old, enchanting, and the epitome of the word ‘finesse’. This is a Cognac that’s a limited edition in every sense of the meaning. Sure to increase in value, this is one for the collector’s out there.

Hardy Cuvee Benedicte Grande Champagne Cognac Tasting Notes

Nose: Amber mahogany appearance with warm, deep tints. On the nose it has an aromatic richness which is expressed in scents of wood, nuts and cigar boxes.

Palate: Wonderfully smooth on the palate with hints of Charente rancio, developing into spicy, cherry stone and prune notes.

Finish: The long and enchanting finish offers the exceptional finesse of very old eaux-de-vie.

Distillery Information

Maison Hardy owes its name to an authentic English gentleman, Anthony Hardy. Like any conscientious wine and spirit merchant, Hardy liked to get out of London as often as he could and head down to Charente to check on the progress of the finest Cognac crus. He finally succumbed to the region’s charms in 1863, relocating permanently and founding Maison Hardy. As a mark of his great affection for France and the French, he went so far as to adopt the Gallic form of his Christian name, henceforth being known as Antoine Hardy. He also adopted the iconic French cockerel as the emblem of his new company.

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