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FOS Greek Mastiha Liqueur


Liqueur: FOS Greek Mastiha

FOS is great as an aperitif or a digestif served neat, chilled, or on the rocks. It is fastly becoming a favorite among mixologists as an ingredient in cocktails because of its unique layers of flavor.

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Size: 750ML

Proof: 56 (28% ABV)

Origin: Greece


Detailed Description

Originating from the island of Chios, FOS Mastiha is crafted with traditional, tedious cultivation methods while utilizing modern technology to distill, blend and bottle A liqueur based on one of the quintessential Greek flavours, mastiha. This flavour, which is reminiscent of pine or anise, comes from the resin of a tree found primarily on the island of Chios. The trees are pricked and weeks later weep resin, which is collected and used to flavour a wide variety of food and drink. Try drinking this liqueur, which has notes of pine, anise, orange and spice, neat from the freezer after dinner.

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