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Absolut Kurant Vodka 1L


Vodka: Absolut Kurant 1L

Kurant vodka is made exclusively from natural ingredients. It’s smooth and mellow.

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Size: 1L

Proof: 80 (40% ABV)

Origin: Sweden

Distillery: Absolut Distillery

Detailed Description

Flavoured with natural extracts of Swedish blackcurrants, which grow as far north as the Arctic Circle. Absolut Kurant was launched in 1992, in the Cosmopolitan days which followed the launch of Absolut Citron, with the result being the Metropolitan cocktail.

Absolut Kurant Vodka 1L Tasting Notes

Nose: A nose reminiscent of dark coloured boiled sweet with vanilla and violet aromas.

Palate: A palate which British readers may liken to vodka and diluted Ribena.

Finish: The blackcurrant fruit gives way to grainy black pepper spirit notes which continue into the more subtly fruit flavoured finish.

Distillery Information

Absolut is produced in Åhus, L.O. Smith’s birth town. Also the place where the wheat used for making the vodka is grown. And since the way Absolut is made won’t change, neither will the true taste of vodka.

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