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Mezcal liquor


We carry a selection of premium Mezcal online. Mezcal is a spirit comprised of a variety of different agave plants. Typically, this liquor includes espandin, however, there are over 30 different species that you can use as well. Distillers then cook the agave heart with lava rocks, wood, and charcoal. This combination gives Mezcal a woody and smoky flavor along with the citrus and green flavors of the agave. If you are shopping for a tequila lover, opt for mezcal to broaden their horizons. Use high-end mezcal to add a twist to many popular tequila cocktails. With the smoky flavor, you can add depth to traditional margaritas, Paloma, and other beloved beverages. Classic Liquor Shop’s collection of premium Mezcal online includes Ilegal, Los Nahuales, and Bosscal Damiana. Shop our collection of premium Mezcal online today!Mezcal liquor