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Japanese Whisky


Inspired by traditional Scotch whiskey, high-end Japanese whisky combines tradition with Japanese culture. This style contains mainly malted barley and other grains and typically go through the distillation process twice. Then the ingredients are aged in a wooden barrel; this barrel can be American oak, Sherry casks, or Japanese Mizunara oak. A distillery may also infuse the whiskey with different flavors including vanilla, spice, fruit, smoke, and others. The attention to detail in the distilling processes produces a smoother whiskey with deep flavors. Our collection of Japanese style whiskey online includes brands, such as Yamazaki, Hibiki, and Kaiyo, and more. The whiskey ages up to 21 years—the smoothness and flavors of this style make it easy to drink with ice or to enhance your traditional whiskey cocktails. Check out our selection of Japanese style whiskey online today!